Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:59:52 -0800

>> By the way, I just got Casval's and Gato's kit. It's authentic. Thanks for
>> good info.
> Cool! Did they offer you other kits?

He said he will look for them and let me know as soon as he finds any.

>> I don't blame you. And, I forgot to mention that I'm still looking for
>> that 1/144 Xamel kit. Let me know if you see one.
> My friend who one from eBay about a year or two ago, I think he was
> planning to use it for a 1/100 scratch. Insane crazy project... but not
> so crazy for someone who has dozens of MG and PG Zaku IIs.

I wish I get some time to build some of my kits. 90% of my kits are
still in box, untouched. You must fill same way.

> o... the rumor was something along the line that Bandai was working on a
> prototype that would cost over 10,000 yen and they didn't know if the kit
> would be marketable. At the rate they're cranking out Gundam kits, and
> the price range of some of these MG and PG kits, I am surprised that they
> would be hesitant about the GP03D.

May be I should wait a little? 60,000yen for 1/220 kit is just insane.
I just got bought a house in La Mirada. I guess I have enough boxes in
my garage that I have to move without my wife noticing.


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