Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:29:35 -0800

> I see what you mean. I should email him and see if he has an extra.

I hope you can get his e-mail address, eBay has been tightening the flowing
of information, restricting e-mail address in several areas to prevent
people from dealing off eBay, but also results in rampant fraud now that
people know it's much harder to get their e-mail addresses.

>By the way, I just got Casval's and Gato's kit. It's authentic. Thanks for
>good info.

Cool! Did they offer you other kits?

> I don't blame you. And, I forgot to mention that I'm still looking for
>that 1/144 Xamel kit. Let me know if you see one.

My friend who one from eBay about a year or two ago, I think he was
planning to use it for a 1/100 scratch. Insane crazy project... but not
so crazy for someone who has dozens of MG and PG Zaku IIs.

>And, I can't stop thinking why HLJ put this kid on sale? I know it's not
>the most popular item with high price tag. But, it's consider to be rare
>kit. May be it means HGUC Dendrobium coming soon? Well, just a hope.
>Most likely. Whatever happened to the Dendrobium injection kit rumor from
>a year or two ago?
> I think it turned out to be SD Dedrobium.

No... the rumor was something along the line that Bandai was working on a
prototype that would cost over 10,000 yen and they didn't know if the kit
would be marketable. At the rate they're cranking out Gundam kits, and
the price range of some of these MG and PG kits, I am surprised that they
would be hesitant about the GP03D.


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