Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:29:07 -0800

>Did anyone knew 1/220 GP03 Dendrobium in onsale at HLJ. It's still
>expensive with discount. But, I always wanted one and I'm not happy with
>my SD Dendrobium.
>I just want to ask, did anyone in So. California seen this kit in local
>shop? Do you know how much they go for? I want to found out it make
>sense to get it from HLJ with shipping at all.

Probably not, considering one just sold on eBay for almost half of what
HLJ wanted to charge you. Too bad you didn't post this a few days
earlier... you could have saved hundreds of dollars on an authentic kit:


>And, if anyone in US who own it wants to get rid of it. I'm looking for
>1/220 GP03 Dendrobium and Neue Ziel. Let me know.

I have the Neue Ziel, but am not planning to part with it anytime soon...

>And, I can't stop thinking why HLJ put this kid on sale? I know it's not
>the most popular item with high price tag. But, it's consider to be rare
>kit. May be it means HGUC Dendrobium coming soon? Well, just a hope.

Most likely. Whatever happened to the Dendrobium injection kit rumor from
a year or two ago?


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