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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 13:52:53 -0800 (PST)

> >>
> >> junior
> >
> > Ok if Bandai redo's the first Gundam Movie then I
> have a question for
> > you
> > all. Should I buy the Gundam Movie that is out
> right now or wait and
> > see if
> > Bandia releases another version I need to know by
> Firday, Staurday at
> > the
> > latest, Arigato and Ja Minna.
> I'd heard that the MS Gundam movies (all three of
> them) were going to be
> rereleased on DVD, but the timetable of OYW DVD
> releases that was
> recently posted here didn't have them listed. I
> have only seen (and
> own) the dubbed releases of the movies, although
> I've heard that there's
> a subbed release, and the only thing I can say is
> that the dub,
> particularly of the first movie, is downright
> My own personal recommendation would be to see if
> anyone can confirm a
> DVD release of the movies. If so, then wait. If
> not, then look for the
> subtitled version of the movies and only buy the
> dubbed version if you
> can't find them subbed, and absolutely MUST have
> them.
> junior

Well I got the MS Gundam Movie 1 on VHS in Subtitles
luckly. I can't find Movie 2 or 3 sometimes in
Subtitles its is sold out or its taken off the shelf
were I live if they got are going to sell them as fast
as they can or get rid of them I don't trust Bandai or
Sunrise for what there planing but I will try to buy
the series really I don't think there going to bring
out Zeta Gundam just yet In the USA. I would like to
buy that series.But if the Japanese are planing to
Release the DVD of Zeta Gundam in Japan they would
have to bring it to USA I don't think they made Zeta
Gundam on DVD yet in Japan just yet for the fans.

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