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>> Thought I'd heard that Bandai was planning on releasing pretty much
>> everything
>> from the OYW arcs on DVD this year. That would be MS Gundam TV (dub
>> only,
>> of
>> course *sigh*), MS Gundam movies (PLEASE redo the dub, Bandai!),
>> 0080,
>> 08th, and
>> 0083. If that's the case, then this ought to be a pretty good year
>> for the
>> One
>> Year War. Then we'll all just need to wait for the subbed TV show
>> to get
>> released.
>> junior
> Ok if Bandai redo's the first Gundam Movie then I have a question for
> you
> all. Should I buy the Gundam Movie that is out right now or wait and
> see if
> Bandia releases another version I need to know by Firday, Staurday at
> the
> latest, Arigato and Ja Minna.

I'd heard that the MS Gundam movies (all three of them) were going to be
rereleased on DVD, but the timetable of OYW DVD releases that was
recently posted here didn't have them listed. I have only seen (and
own) the dubbed releases of the movies, although I've heard that there's
a subbed release, and the only thing I can say is that the dub,
particularly of the first movie, is downright HORRIBLE.
My own personal recommendation would be to see if anyone can confirm a
DVD release of the movies. If so, then wait. If not, then look for the
subtitled version of the movies and only buy the dubbed version if you
can't find them subbed, and absolutely MUST have them.


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