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> Thought I'd heard that Bandai was planning on releasing pretty much
> everything
> from the OYW arcs on DVD this year. That would be MS Gundam TV (dub only,
> of
> course *sigh*), MS Gundam movies (PLEASE redo the dub, Bandai!), 0080,
> 08th, and
> 0083. If that's the case, then this ought to be a pretty good year for the
> One
> Year War. Then we'll all just need to wait for the subbed TV show to get
> released.

Ok if Bandai redo's the first Gundam Movie then I have a question for you
all. Should I buy the Gundam Movie that is out right now or wait and see if
Bandia releases another version I need to know by Firday, Staurday at the
latest, Arigato and Ja Minna.

Duo Maxwell

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