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>Spoiler Space
>Not sure how I missed it, but was there ever an Apsaras II >mentioned?
>did they show the construction of the EZ8, or did it just show >up?

I read somewhere that the Apsaras II designation was giveint o the original
after it got whacked by the 08th MS Team. The construction of the EZ-8 is
only implied since it is never shown but we'are made to assume that it is
Shiro's old RX-79 field bashed after what happened in the mountains. Also,
although the EZ-8 may seem like a bit of an upgrade having lighter weigth
and beter armor, it also seems that they gave Shiro the unique unit sho that
he could be easily tracked in the battlefield.

I think that the Millers Report movie may explain a bit more but I haven't
seen it yet.

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