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"Ore wa kono te de hikate naru! Shiori no tuskumae to tataratsuki sakebu!

Speaking of which, someone from the list sent me the sound files for these
about three months ago, unfortunately they got deleted (along with some
other stuff) so if that person would be kind enough to re-send them. Onegai?

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Subject: [gundam] G Gundam: a postive rant, if there is such a thing.

>And I forgot! for sheer unalduterated fun, it's G Gundam!

>Yep, Burke, it is one hell of an original alternate gundam >series. I
>actually like it more than GW in the sense that it didn't take >itself so
>seriously -- it just went on a rampage with its fusion of >DragonBall
>and GUndam Mayhem. Add to that some really romantic plot >twists and
>SuperRobo themes (which I can't say anything about since it >would spoil
>surprise), the series kicks major butt.

>Strangely enough, it was not well recieved when it was first >aired -- or
>least, that was the impression I got when I first joined this >list. Yours
>truley was kinda lukewarm about it in the first few episodes. >I was
>that it was so, well, DBZ-ish, but after a few more episodes -- >whoa, this
>baby rocked.
>SO there you go...

>Of course, they COULD have had a more creative name for the >attack than



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