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Thing is, MGs are supposed to come in the MS original (TV show) colors
strasight out of the box and the Hyaku-Shiki was, well gold in the series.

ACtually, I don't usually seal the seams on my MG kits since I sometimes
change the pose and show the internal skeleton (for example, sealing the
joints of the MG Nu would be a travesty.). If you want though, vinegar does
a nice job of taking out the gold plate.

Besides, it's almost impossible to get that kind of mirror finish by
painting alone

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>> maybe because ITS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT!

>Why should it be? It's going to look like crap after I glue and >putty and
sand the joints down. Some of us still build these >kits as model kits, not
do-it-yourself toys.

>- Vlad

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