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Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:42:11 +0800 wrote:

>Veerrrrry nice job indeed! I especially like the enlarged shield and black
>armor. Just curous, are the armours removable like the NT-01? If so, find a
>way to contact one of those hobby magazines, they might just put you kit in
>their next front covers!

now that you've mentioned it, I am regretting a bit that I didn't make the armors removable. Since it is kinda hard to find styrene sheets here in the Philippines (grrrr...) I had to make do with styrofoam and glue them to the body as they aren't strong enough to endure countless removal-attachment routines. Maybe next time...using polycaps...

>Now I will modify my old 1/144 Nu too, maybe into the Hi-nu or mass
>production version. Anyone have any cool suggestions?

ahhh...I think that'll call for more putty than styrene. There's also this guy who converted a 1/144 Nu into a Xi Gundam, he posted his work at - I'm sure he's willing to give his tips on how he did it.

-james r.
now looking for another 1/144 Nu Gundam Fin Fannel equipment type to kitbash again...


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