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>ooh ooh... how's this? the "core fighter" is really a
>support craft? does that sound feasible? maybe it
>folded up to be stowed in the Orchis and never saw
>action cuz there were no pilot?

        *Shrug* How would I know? The chances are good that the Hobby Japan
article will have mentioned how the Core Fighter fits into the continuity
(or not), so all we're doing here is speculation. However...


        If you ask me to speculate though, I think GP03 started out as a
Core Fighter MS, much like the GP01. Somewhere along the line, GP03's design
might have been changed to incorportate the big mother that it ended up
with, which required the removal of the Core Fighter module.

        Now, this could be a one-off modification. After all, the GP03 we
see is a prototype. There might be other GP03 prototypes with Core Fighter
built by AE.. just because we don't see them isn't proof there isn't. Of
course, with the stupid 0083 ending, any other prototypes will probably been
destroyed along with the records.. perhaps as a deal between however did it
and AE? Perhaps that's why AE was so -in- with AEUG? Pure speculation, of

        While I'm speculating, let's clear up one point. GP04 does NOT
exist. The GP04 project was canned for various reasons, but a prototype
chassis was modified by AE engineer as a one-off project and given to Cima's
Fleet by a double dealing AE executive. This does not consititude GP04; it's
a whole new MS, as the new number, AGX-04 indicates.

        One interesting point to note is that although the data of the GP
series is erased, perhaps the AGX-04's data is preserved; After all, it's a
new MS in its own right, so perhaps the data wasn't purged. Why we don't see
any other GTs? I have no idea. =)

        Another point to think about is whether the original GP04 was
designed with a Core Fighter in mind. IIRC, the GT didn't have a linear
seat. Given that the AGX-04 was a modification, and assuming they did mainly
cosmetic work and not major work on the cockpit etc., that means it's
possible for GP04 to have started out with a Core Fighter, although Mika
Akitaka's design seems to preclude that.

        Assuming that speculation is true, then we have the following:

        GP01 -- Core Fighter
        GP02 -- no Core Fighter (or is there?)
        GP03 -- possible Core Fighter
        GP04 -- possible Core Fighter

        GP02's lack of a Core Fighter is easily explained by the need of
greated shielding.. after all, it's carrying and shooting a nuke, for crying
out loud. =) But the GP02 did not have a linear seat, so it's possible that
the GP02 started as a Core Fighter Gundam, and got modified along the way.

        All the other GP Gundams' roles seems to include the need for a Core
Fighter as a escape pod; The GP01 is an escort/interceptor; the GP03's
original role might be an interceptor; the GP04 is stated to be a long-range

        Aside: this could be why the GP04 got canned (and in fact, Burke's
Mecha Domain states so, oh Great Burke has spoken. =P), and may be why the
GP03's role got changed to a Strategic Space Control MS/MA.

        Whoever's in charge of that project -- I believe Nina Purpleton
might have been involved at one stage, but it's probably Lucette Audevie who
fought tooth and nail to save the GP03 -- really talked really fast to the
relevant authority to save GP03. =)


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