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At 01:29 02/28/2001 -0500, Chris Maier wrote:
>Okay, here's what I think is almost die-hard proof:>
>You have to squint your eyes a little, but you can make out the letters MG
>if you squint your eyes.

        Heh. No proof that it comes with a Core Fighter, acutally. The "MG"
you quoted is actually a part of a sentence that seems to say "The summer MG
is...". We still don't know for sure whether Bandai is including a Core
Fighter -- or simple a Fighter -- with the MG kit. It's a bit hard when you
have only half the passage -- and the left half only at that -- to work
with. Hopefully someone will scan the relevant passage for translation.

        The full link is:

        In it, the chinese at the sidebar says that this month's
(Feburary's) issue of Hobby Japan has an article on the existance of a GP03
Core Fighter, as well as the data on it (the scans). It doesn't say that the
MG kit will have a Core Fighter.

        In other words, let's wait until someone buys this month's Hobby
Japan and give us the lowdown on this issue.

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