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Well, there are some extra scans of the MG lineart that seems to clearly
show both versions, with the canonical one seeming more prominent. It really
shouldn't be much of a problem for Bandai to put in parts for both
thrusters, in my opinion. After all, most MGs often come with a lot of extra
parts anyway...(Although often this is a side effect of using the same
 I suppose we can consider the core fighter a 'bonus feature'.

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Incredible! That's a first of sorts for Bandai. Where'd you get the info?
is this confirmed? This is great news indeed, if confirmed.

In retrospect, it makes sense that it had a corefighter option. it is,
after all, part of the GP series -- which makes one wonder: did the GP02
have a similar option? Hmmmm.

I wonder if it will have different arms (for the different versions) as

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> Apparentally Bandai will have the parts in the kit to build both GP03 as
> seen as seen in the anime and also this new variant that has caused a
> deal of controversy.
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