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--- BlazeEagle <blazeeagle@charter.net> wrote:
> Gundam 8s could refer to Gundam 0080 and 0083, the
> Gundam 8's, get it?
> Gundam 8's could be short for Gundam 0080 and Gundam
> 0083, you know?
> According to the Official US Gundam site lists 0080
> and 0083 for in addition
> to MSG and MS Team. According to ToyBoxDX's Bandai
> T.F. 2001 coverage, MSG
> will be called "Original Gundam Mobile Suit: Mobile
> Suit Gundam" not First
> Gundam.
> Aaron aka BlazeEagle
> "Believing a sign of Zeta"

I don't think so they said on this site hear there
bring http://www.gundamofficial.com/

The MS08th Team will be airing on Cartoon Network in
2001 why the change to calling it Gundam 8's thats a
really fucked up name for a series I guess they think
the USA can't say the name MS08th Team to the kids are
Well like I said the last time I don't think sunrise
would bring out Zeta Gundam but they are bring out
the movies thanks to the Gundam Wing Franchie's I
think you should write to Bandai ask them if they are
going to Bring Gundam Zeta on DVD to the USA or F91 I
asked them once if the can put Gundam 0083 on DVD it
was the top selling In Japan I wonder of there going
to sell it in the US yet


~~~~~~~~~~~~Believing the sign of Zeta is calling you
I think~~~~~~~~~~~

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