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Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:55:59 -0800

"Matt, defender of stuff that is pretty cool!" wrote:

> huh, "crazy eights" or something, eh? ;-)
> Gundam 0079 and 08ths MS team, so those will definitely be out on disc. Now
> they just need to put 0080 and 0083 on DVD, and maybe they'll bring Zeta and
> CCA over here, so's I can get me some DVDs with english subtitles, I'll be
> one happy Gundam Nut.

Thought I'd heard that Bandai was planning on releasing pretty much everything
from the OYW arcs on DVD this year. That would be MS Gundam TV (dub only, of
course *sigh*), MS Gundam movies (PLEASE redo the dub, Bandai!), 0080, 08th, and
0083. If that's the case, then this ought to be a pretty good year for the One
Year War. Then we'll all just need to wait for the subbed TV show to get


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