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huh, "crazy eights" or something, eh? ;-)

Gundam 0079 and 08ths MS team, so those will definitely be out on disc. Now
they just need to put 0080 and 0083 on DVD, and maybe they'll bring Zeta and
CCA over here, so's I can get me some DVDs with english subtitles, I'll be
one happy Gundam Nut.

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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> > Cartoon Network put out an official press release with their line-up of
> > shows for the upcoming year, although it only had names, not dates. As
> > we all knew it would, MS Gundam was listed (listed as MS Gundam, and not
> > First Gundam, although presumably that will change when it finally
> > airs). There was also a listing for 'Gundam 8s'. Anyone got a clue
> > what this is? My best guess is that someone got creative in referencing
> > the three OYW OVAs, since all of them have '8' in the title. But I'm
> > not certain of that.
> >
> Most likely 08th MS Team, as was previously said to be aired. What the
> Gundam 8s is, I have no clue, but it sounds really stupid. I hope 08th MS
> Team doesn't actually come to the states named Gundam 8s.
> PhaZe
> > junior

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