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> Cartoon Network put out an official press release with their line-up of
> shows for the upcoming year, although it only had names, not dates. As
> we all knew it would, MS Gundam was listed (listed as MS Gundam, and not
> First Gundam, although presumably that will change when it finally
> airs). There was also a listing for 'Gundam 8s'. Anyone got a clue
> what this is? My best guess is that someone got creative in referencing
> the three OYW OVAs, since all of them have '8' in the title. But I'm
> not certain of that.

Most likely 08th MS Team, as was previously said to be aired. What the hell
Gundam 8s is, I have no clue, but it sounds really stupid. I hope 08th MS
Team doesn't actually come to the states named Gundam 8s.


> junior

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