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> >Hi everyone!
> >
> >Burke returns from lurkdome to make an
> announcement,
> >and to ask a question.
> >
> >First, the announcement: As of last week, I am now
> an
> >Official Newly-Converted G Gundam Fan (tm)!


> > I just
> >finished watching the first 24 eps (subtitled,
> >thankfully), and I'm absolutely sucked in! The
> cheezy
> >Gundam designs are actually pretty cool when you
> see
> >them in action,

and the bolt gundam actually looks big and strong in
action, not short and fat like the toy.

the spiegel gundam is by far the coolest gundam
variant design, followed by the england gundam with
the long rifle. as far as exotic goes, the grand
gundam and heaven's sword are KeWlesT. 8-}

anyway, just wait till you get to the grand finals of
the gundam fight. :P

> > the whole Devil Gundam thing is
> just
> >spooky and intriguing, and Rain is absolutely hot
> in
> >that nice, tight mobile trace system suit!

i prefer the miniskirt. >:P

> Rain
> >Mikamura is now on Burke's Top Three Favorite
> >Babe-A-Licious Gundam Babes (tm) (the other two
> being
> >Sayla Mass and Christina Mackenzie, of course ^_^)!

what, no cima?

oh well, just you wait till the last two eps of g
gundam. >:P you don't know what CHEESE is until
you've watched the ending. ehehehehhee...

> >
> >And now my question: for anyone who's watched G
> >Gundam, can y'all take a look at the following
> >temporary file, and give me any comments and
> >suggestions? It's kinda hard to write detailed
> >technical descriptions of Gundams that behave more
> >like Dragonball characters. :)
> >
> >
> For a starter, you could add that Rain's father
> created Shinning Gundam.

hmm, well the thing with the main gundams (g, shining,
devil and spiegel) is to be selective when writing
their descriptions. you could give away the whole
story of g gundam if you're not careful with the
gundam fluff text. :P


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