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>Woohoo =)
>G Gundam does rock ... I've only had a chance to see 8 episodes or subbed
>(and a few more raw). I think it's the most "fun" of the alternate
>universes, since its really quite evident that the creators had a good time
>making it. God Gundam is the king of alternate universe designs, too =P
>Shining Gundam's file looks just dandy and I'm definately looking forwarding
>to reading your always insightful description/notes area.
>And on another note, I couldn't agree more about Rain. She and Domon make a
>rather good team.

Of course Domon behaved like a **** for the most part of the show. As for Mobile Fighters, Master Gundam is still my favorite Mobile Fighter of the show. Just can't beat a robot with Rocket Punch(tm).

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