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On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 18:29:07
 Richie Ramos wrote:
>stay civil and light hearted, and maybe we can get around all this hoopla
>without being too affected.

This is what I have been ranting around myself...

>For what it's worth, my favorite gundam show in terms of mecha action is
>0083, for story it's 0080, for designs, it's a tie between Z and ZZ. I like
>the Char/Amuro conflict for sheer intensity. CCA is a good ending for me.

My favorite is original MSG for story but I guess they'r epretty neck and neck with Zeta ( I haven't finished this one yet), for fights I guess its CCA and 0083, For characters its still MSG and Zeta, though 08MS team was quite infectious.
>I refuse to make total judgments, because each series had its own merits.
>surprisingly enough, the first one I watched was CCA, followed by F91, and
>then 0083. BUt the one that brought me to tears was 0080.

Same here (especially with 0080), but I remember seeing the 0083 movie first. Btw, is ANime Village planning to release this?

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