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Paul Fields wrote:

> > Hi guys, sorry about taking up the bandwidth.
> > Anyone out there in the US interested in trading a PG ZakuII Red for a PG
> > ZakuII Green?
> > Email me off list please.
> Aside from the obvious color difference what's different
> about the kit, I got the Red one and I was thinking about
> getting the green one but figured it was just a recolor so I
> didn't bother.
> If there is one please let me know, if its a big enough deal
> I might just buy another Red, to trade you ;)
> I'm keeping this on list in case there is a kit difference that
> people might want to be aware of before they plunk down
> the cost of 2 MGs... if we do trade I'll do that off list.
> Paul

I think he wanted to trade you (give him the Green One & he'll give you the Red
One) the other way.

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