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Woohoo =)
G Gundam does rock ... I've only had a chance to see 8 episodes or subbed
(and a few more raw). I think it's the most "fun" of the alternate
universes, since its really quite evident that the creators had a good time
making it. God Gundam is the king of alternate universe designs, too =P
Shining Gundam's file looks just dandy and I'm definately looking forwarding
to reading your always insightful description/notes area.
And on another note, I couldn't agree more about Rain. She and Domon make a
rather good team.

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> Hi everyone! > > Burke returns from lurkdome to make an announcement, > and to ask a question. > > First, the announcement: As of last week, I am now an > Official Newly-Converted G Gundam Fan (tm)! I just > finished watching the first 24 eps (subtitled, > thankfully), and I'm absolutely sucked in! The cheezy > Gundam designs are actually pretty cool when you see > them in action, the whole Devil Gundam thing is just > spooky and intriguing, and Rain is absolutely hot in > that nice, tight mobile trace system suit! Yes, Rain > Mikamura is now on Burke's Top Three Favorite > Babe-A-Licious Gundam Babes (tm) (the other two being > Sayla Mass and Christina Mackenzie, of course ^_^)! > > And now my question: for anyone who's watched G > Gundam, can y'all take a look at the following > temporary file, and give me any comments and > suggestions? It's kinda hard to write detailed > technical descriptions of Gundams that behave more > like Dragonball characters. :) > > > > > > ===== > -Burke Rukes > > > The Mecha Domain - > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Get email at your own domain with Yahoo! Mail. > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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