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Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:57:21 -0500

Gundam EZEight wrote:

> i don't think they meant MS Gundam... i mean how many
> brand name products contain a gundam anywayz? i think
> it's talking about the chemical MSG, as in mono sodium
> glutamate. it's really dangerous if overused, and it
> is overused in Chinese food.
> --- Ryan Freeman <>

The funny thing is that some people are allergic to MSG but still go to
the chinese restaurants and order up a bunch of appetizers like Chicken
Wings, Teriyaki, Spare Ribs/Boneless Ribs, Egg Rolls, etc. Little they
know that they're already marinated with MSG as opposed to the entrees
like Beef & Broccoli, Egg Foo Yongs, etc. which are added in while

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