javier vega (gundame81@yahoo.com)
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 07:15:00 -0800 (PST)

> >Im really not bashing Wing its the Gundam Wing fans
> >that are Bashing Wing not the UC fans.
> Actually, the main issue here is about respect.
> Respect for another persons
> work, respect for another persons ideas. Kumiko got
> pissed because the ppl
> at MinkChat didn't seem to respect her and her
> stance in ths thing.
> Also, from what my friend told me, Kumiko has been
> through similar
> situations with GW fans before. Heck from what I've
> read there was even a
> chat room full of people hating her. Just because
> she has spoken her mind
> and here ideas tend to conflict with what other
> people think.
> That's why we here at the GML should try to exercise
> more respect for each
> other. I have found the GML to be one of the most (
> if not the most) mature
> Mls on the web. I hope it stays that way even with
> the expected influx of
> new people once Cn shows MSG in the states.
> P.S. I do believe that Kumiko deserves a lot of
> respect not only for her
> website but for being AFAIK a single mother as well.

Kumiko deserves alot of respect your right I have to
say that people,Im sorry for that I hope Kumiko joins
this GML and get her payback at the same time with
MinkChat with the help of Newtype backing her if she
wants to keep going on I just think she maybe will
think about it first tell her that some of us in GML
has her back on this.Oh well I was never respected In
Yahoo out of every fan that liked Gundam Wing hateing
me makes me a stronger,better,already,
Smarter,Webmaster that this one person that did not
like me that I become better webmaster in HTML learn
more even still suck in Grammer that I have
chances to of payback still and really should thank
him for the the burning passion of anger that I feel
for him gives me the chance to kick his ass and his
fucking yahoo club that (I will not say name.)and his
Moonie Fandom will end in showing him that Im not
someone to mess with.

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