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About time we all got a hold of ourselves. me included. Next time, when we
talk on the relative merits of this and that in this ML, let's just keep an
open mind, okay? and please, the idea is informative discussion. let's
stay civil and light hearted, and maybe we can get around all this hoopla
without being too affected.

For what it's worth, my favorite gundam show in terms of mecha action is
0083, for story it's 0080, for designs, it's a tie between Z and ZZ. I like
the Char/Amuro conflict for sheer intensity. CCA is a good ending for me.

EW I appreciate for the fact that it did jumpstart the franchise, GG for
putting something new into the franchise, and V gundam for having a fun old
weird time.

I refuse to make total judgments, because each series had its own merits.
surprisingly enough, the first one I watched was CCA, followed by F91, and
then 0083. BUt the one that brought me to tears was 0080.

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> Some good points in your reply. I was emotional when I made that rant - I
> had other things annoying me, and Shinigami shutting down made me snap. I
> didn't mean to imply that any negative comments about Wing were
> or that everyone should worship (or even like) Wing, or that I myself
> Wing is perfect (there are several aspects I think need improvement). And
> I certainly didn't mean to imply that the GML had sunk to what Kumiko
> encountered.
> Essentially, what I made a fumbled attempt at doing was warning that the
> attitudes which Kumiko encountered can only hurt Gundam fandom, that there
> is a danger that things could get to that stage, and that we should be
> careful (I was also venting some frustrations).
> BTW, strangely, three of my four favourite Gundam series are 90s ones (V,
> Wing and Turn A - the other is First Gundam). But then again, I don't
> regard myself as a good critic - I LIKE too many things, and too many of
> the things I like don't seem to be popular.

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