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> Although I haven't seen the show my friend says that it could be "Samurai
> Pizza Cats". And I'm not joking.

Yes, "Samurai Pizza Cats" was the name, and they fought the evil Ninja crows,
and "The Big Cheese" and tried to save "Emperor Fred"(who only ever said his
name), and talked to the camera a lot about getting better ratings, and gee,
let's fire the announcer, and ......
lol, I loved that thing, it was on here in the US about 5-6 years ago on WB
I think, I recorded a bunch of episodes, but some aren't very good, but there
are fan-sites out there where, for the price of a blank tape, they'll give
you a copy of theirs. hmmm I may have to check those old links out and get
myself a copy. There weren't too many episodes, maybe 23?


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