Richie Ramos (
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:59:19 +0800

> on the flip side of things...i'll speak as one who
> prefers "fictional kits" (which includes, by
> categorical definition, warhammer 40K scifi vehicles
> and warhammer fantasy monsters) over nonfictional
> scale models. nonfic scale models bore the crap out
> of me. the challenge is not so much as creating
> feasibility (fictional kits), but of replicating
> actuality (nonfic scale models), and that is about as
> banal and unimaginative as the hobby can get.

garrick, there is a lot of creativity involved there in the construction of
objects from scratch...

> although, what i think really bugs the nonfic model
> purists is the, uh, dinky and very un-mechanized look
> of a lot of robot designs -- from super robots to
> gundam wing.

That much I will agree with.

> perhaps if these purists were introduced on sentinel
> kits or any other overly mechanized katoki creations,
> they'd change their minds (or the macross kits for
> plane model afficionados -- much as i hate the macross
> kits, they're still ace quality compared to non-anime
> model kits :P).
> -garr

Yeah, show them the Xammel.

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