Richie Ramos (
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:55:21 +0800

> I could be wrong, but from reading your "Last Words" it seems that the
> bastards hadn't won at all until you defeated yourself. Get up on your
> feet and carry on your way! I am convinced that Shinigami has and will
> outdraw and outlast MinkChat. If I and Newtype Asylum can help in any
> way, all you have to do is but ask.
> To be honest, I am a little jealous of you, I keep (secretly) hoping that
> someone will plagiarize Newtype Asylum. But it seems nothing (except
> for one little background image) on NA is good enough to be plagiarized.
> :-)

Lucky you. I got plagiarized by a photos in gundamshop, and he put
it in the gundamshop JUNIOR gallery, egadz! LOL!

as for my fics...well, it's so hard to track down people...

> I really hope that you will reverse your decision to close Shinigami, it's
> a disservice to many Wing fans and above all it's a disservice to
> PS: someone please forward this email vebatim to the admin(s) on
> MinkChat, I am too tired/lazy to figure out their emails. If somehow this
> infuriates the Gods at MinkChat, who cares?

Nah, Doc, just let them be...we don't want them throwing rubbish our way,
GML is nice enough as it is...

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