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> how much energy can you get out of one atomic
> collision? 18 something MeV right? if the MS has to
> have massive amounts of energy, then it would also
> have to throw together more atoms right? how can a few
> litters of fuel last so long?

How many pairs of hydrogen and helium-3 atoms in a liter?

Multiply that by 18 MeV to get the total energy output of each liter.

Divide by the fusion rate (number of pairs fused per second) to get both the
energy released per second and the total fusion operation time per liter.

Remember, too, that this is controlled-rate fusion (CRF) of precisely balanced
amounts of hydrogen and helium-3, not a "wild" reaction in a tokomak torus. The
difference is as significant as that between natural radioactive decay and
rod-controlled fission in a reactor core of equal amounts of enriched uranium or


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