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Z, I don't know if anyone has ever complimented you on it before, but you
are truly a master of numbers. And related scientific type stuff, too. ;-)

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> > I just have couple of quick questions on Colony,
> > How many Colonies ware in Side 3?
> > How many people lives in each Colony?
> The O'Neill Cylinder or "open-type" space colony was established as the
> and most common design throughout most of the colonies, but a newer and
> economically efficient design, attributed to Y.T. Minovsky, was used in
Side 3
> (L2). Following the Gray "Vivarium" model, this "closed-type" space
colony is a
> windowless cylinder with the same dimensions as the open-type but without
> domed end caps. Sunlight is refracted through translucent optical "pipes"
> a central radiant core to illuminate a single "wraparound" landscape on
> inner hull.
> Because the entire cylinder wall is available, the habitable area of these
> can" colonies is twice that of their open-type counterparts. The
> colony is thus twice as efficient as the open-type -- but only a third as
> pleasant. In any case, you can figure that each closed-type colony has
> the inhabitants of each open-type.
> Population figures are few and far between throughout the Gundam Saga.
Six and
> a half million people had to be evacuated from Mahal, a closed-type colony
> Side 3, so that the colony could be converted into the Solar Ray System in
> 0079. Three million colonists were killed in Bunch 30, an open-type
colony in
> Side 1, when it was nerve-gassed by the Titans in UC 0085. Eight million
> were killed in Bunch 21, an open-type colony in Side 2, when it was blown
> by the Colony Laser in UC 0087. Five million people lived in Londinium,
> open-type colony in Side 1, when it served as the Londo Bell's homeport in
> 0093. Ten million people lived in Frontier IV, a "60% to 70% completed"
> open-type colony in Side 4, when it was invaded by the Crossbone Vanguard
in UC
> 0123.
> The only populations figure that is consistent throughout the Gundam Saga
> that, at the start of the One Year War, there were a total of eleven
> people in the Earth Sphere, nine billion of whom lived in space. Of
these, it
> is estimated that a billion lived in subterranean colonies on the Moon.
> billion were scattered among the various asteroid settlements and
> satellite stations. The remaining seven billion lived in the six "Sides"
> orbiting the Lagrange points, one billion per Side except for Side 3,
> alone used the newer closed-type colonies to support a population of two
> billion. If each Side contained a hundred open-type colonies, a
> density of ten million per colony yields the requisite billion per Side.
> hundred closed-type colonies with twenty million people each would yield
> requisite two billion for Side 3. The highest number of colonies ever
given for
> a Side is eighty-five (Side 2 in UC 0087), but that just tells us that the
> end is at least eighty-five. If eighty-five is actually in the mid-range,
> top end could easily be up to 150 colonies per Side, with populations of
> million apiece. Population estimates of three to ten million per
> colony and six to twenty million per closed-type colony are therefore most
> probably correct.
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