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> I just have couple of quick questions on Colony,
> How many Colonies ware in Side 3?
> How many people lives in each Colony?

The O'Neill Cylinder or "open-type" space colony was established as the standard
and most common design throughout most of the colonies, but a newer and more
economically efficient design, attributed to Y.T. Minovsky, was used in Side 3
(L2). Following the Gray "Vivarium" model, this "closed-type" space colony is a
windowless cylinder with the same dimensions as the open-type but without the
domed end caps. Sunlight is refracted through translucent optical "pipes" into
a central radiant core to illuminate a single "wraparound" landscape on the
inner hull.

Because the entire cylinder wall is available, the habitable area of these "tin
can" colonies is twice that of their open-type counterparts. The closed-type
colony is thus twice as efficient as the open-type -- but only a third as
pleasant. In any case, you can figure that each closed-type colony has twice
the inhabitants of each open-type.

Population figures are few and far between throughout the Gundam Saga. Six and
a half million people had to be evacuated from Mahal, a closed-type colony in
Side 3, so that the colony could be converted into the Solar Ray System in UC
0079. Three million colonists were killed in Bunch 30, an open-type colony in
Side 1, when it was nerve-gassed by the Titans in UC 0085. Eight million people
were killed in Bunch 21, an open-type colony in Side 2, when it was blown apart
by the Colony Laser in UC 0087. Five million people lived in Londinium, an
open-type colony in Side 1, when it served as the Londo Bell's homeport in UC
0093. Ten million people lived in Frontier IV, a "60% to 70% completed"
open-type colony in Side 4, when it was invaded by the Crossbone Vanguard in UC

The only populations figure that is consistent throughout the Gundam Saga is
that, at the start of the One Year War, there were a total of eleven billion
people in the Earth Sphere, nine billion of whom lived in space. Of these, it
is estimated that a billion lived in subterranean colonies on the Moon. Another
billion were scattered among the various asteroid settlements and geosynchronous
satellite stations. The remaining seven billion lived in the six "Sides"
orbiting the Lagrange points, one billion per Side except for Side 3, which
alone used the newer closed-type colonies to support a population of two
billion. If each Side contained a hundred open-type colonies, a population
density of ten million per colony yields the requisite billion per Side. A
hundred closed-type colonies with twenty million people each would yield the
requisite two billion for Side 3. The highest number of colonies ever given for
a Side is eighty-five (Side 2 in UC 0087), but that just tells us that the top
end is at least eighty-five. If eighty-five is actually in the mid-range, the
top end could easily be up to 150 colonies per Side, with populations of 6.67
million apiece. Population estimates of three to ten million per open-type
colony and six to twenty million per closed-type colony are therefore most
probably correct.


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