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no one really knows what happened to the thing.
obviously a sequel is possible, or maybe a side story.
gundam 0084 anyone?

what's with the core fighter idea anywayz? it was
never meant to have it right? maybe Bandai decided to
have an extra gimmick on the thing... but it was
loaded with gimmick already...and wasn't Katoki not
really happy with having to redesign his own gundam?
why does the new gp03 have to be a variant anywayz?
what if it was always there as an attachment thing but
WE never knew about it. Gundam is famous with
inconsistencies remember? but as modeller, we can
always disregard the CF and glue it into the body. may
be ensuring that it won't fall off and stuff. remember
the gp01? so many complaints about the flimsy

i think at the end of 0083, th gp03 WAS scapped. the
feds have to be pretty stupid to have the gp files
deleted with the GP03S still floating around in space.
for Kou to come back alive means that he had to get
back with the gundam, and that the Feds got their
hands on it again.

--- Joseph Riggs <> wrote:
> The only intact GP series MS at the end of 0083 was
> the GP03 MS. To the best of
> my knowledge, we don't know for certain that it was
> scrapped (the information at
> the end only says the data on the project was
> deleted), although that is a
> possibility. It is also a possibility that the MS
> ended up in a unit designed
> as a dumping ground for rotten personnel and MS. Or
> some MS unit commander with
> a lot of pull could have arranged for it to end up
> in his/her own unit. Or
> maybe it got sent to a junk yard where an
> enterprising mechanic saved it from
> destruction (if Kelly Layzner can build an entire
> MA... ). If it survived
> scrapping, then it is entirely possible for someone
> to get the bright idea of
> attaching a core fighter to it without attracting
> any official attention for the
> next 20-30 years since the suit did not officially
> exist. My conjecture
> regarding how it could have a core fighter attached
> to it is merely conjecture.
> It provides a plausible explanation for how the unit
> could come about without
> shaking up the UC continuity any further.
> And I don't see how Kou would be involved with the
> core fighter attachment,
> seeing as how when he had the unit, there was never
> a core fighter attached to
> it. My conjecture doesn't even provide for the core
> fighter attachment until
> after the unit has passed out of his hands.

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