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Polly Ester, I believe was the "third one"s name. The main antagonist, who
exploded when he grew angry, was Big Cheese, who was also a rat, I believe.
His sidekick, Jerry Atrick, was some kind of helmet-wearing bird, as were
the Ninja Crows and their leader, Bad Bird. Other characters that I can
remember are the emperor Fred (who chants "Fred"), his underling Al Dente
(the dog who gives the Pizza Cats orders, so to speak). Also among the
protagonists were Francine, whose purpose escapes me, Lucille (the girl
Guido and Speedy both want to date who fires missiles from her hairdo when
she gets mad), the rescue team, who were called in seldomly and consisted of
four more grown-up cats in dark outfits and special weapons, the "Great
Catatonic," the giant robot that was stored on some mountain and rarely
appeared if at all (I don't remember!), and Guru Lou, whose purpose also
escapes me. The only intermediate characters I can think of are the mother
and son who make funny comments whenever the Pizza Cats "launch" and the
Narrator, who actually is a significant character. Also, I think the
emperor has a daughter, but I can't remember whether she's good or bad. I'm
not sure how much of the show aired on the station I saw it on and whether I
saw all of it, but I was the biggest fan in my neighborhood and that's all I
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> The second one sounds an awful lot like Samurai Pizza Cats. Guido Anchovi,
> Speedy Service .. and .. hhmmm ... the one other one ... fighting against
> the bad guys, one of whom I remember was a crow of some form.
> Darned good show =)
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> > Hi, when I was still a kid ten years ago, I remember watching these two
> > cartoon series on TVB Hong Kong Channel. On was about a poor college
> student
> > falling in love w/ a widowed inn-keeper. And the other one is about a
> group
> > of samurai cats/dogs fighting evil crows(or something like that). If
> anyone
> > actually remember these old cartoons, please tell me more info about
> > Thank you very much.
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