Ahsan Khan (deathscythe26@hotmail.com)
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 02:40:09 -0000

>Dear List:
> > Hi, when I was still a kid ten years ago, I remember watching these two
> > cartoon series on TVB Hong Kong Channel. On was about a poor college
> > falling in love w/ a widowed inn-keeper. And the other one is about a
> > of samurai cats/dogs fighting evil crows(or something like that). If
> > actually remember these old cartoons, please tell me more info about
>I was already in U.S. 13 years ago, so I missed those TVB dubbed anime, but
>think I recognize the first anime you mentioned... it sounds like Maisson
>Ikkoku (Together for a moment). I have no idea about the samurai cats/dogs
>fighting dogs series.
> > Thank you very much.

Although I haven't seen the show my friend says that it could be "Samurai
Pizza Cats". And I'm not joking.

Ahsan "sooo slleeepppy" Khan
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