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--- "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam"
<> wrote:
> > I've noticed there's a war boiling in the letters
> to the editor at
> > FINE SCALE MODELER. Some people want the magazine
> to start running
> > articles on giant robot model kits, (Gundam,
> anyone?) while others
> > are steadfastly against it. The naysayers say
> Giant robots will taint
> > the integrity of the magazine, and that Scale
> modeling is about
> > replicating objects that are (or have been) real
> in miniature form.
> > Maybe these people have forgotten that this same
> magazine has run
> > many articles on Star Trek, and Star Wars models
> previously. Admitted
> > it would be a big jump from super detailing F-18E
> landing gear bays
> > to Wing Gundam but hey, someone should take these
> new modellers under
> > their wing. The vote is said to be running 50/50.
> >
> > This just goes to show how territorial and
> resistant to change human
> > beings are. Even outside the Wing vs. U.C. debate
> ^_^
> >
> > -James
> I remember someone saying that freedom of speech was
> needed for us to figure
> out who was on what side. I guess this underlines
> it. But for what it's
> worth, I've seen what FSM is, and I can say that
> it's a weird thing, since
> for them, it is literally about scale models, in the
> sense that there is a
> real life object to be scaled down to a model kit
> size. It's a point of
> view, I suppose. I can't say I like it, but I'll
> respect it. As long as
> they don't start throwing insults on stuff like
> Hobby Japan for featuring
> such "fictional kits".

on the flip side of things...i'll speak as one who
prefers "fictional kits" (which includes, by
categorical definition, warhammer 40K scifi vehicles
and warhammer fantasy monsters) over nonfictional
scale models. nonfic scale models bore the crap out
of me. the challenge is not so much as creating
feasibility (fictional kits), but of replicating
actuality (nonfic scale models), and that is about as
banal and unimaginative as the hobby can get.

although, what i think really bugs the nonfic model
purists is the, uh, dinky and very un-mechanized look
of a lot of robot designs -- from super robots to
gundam wing.

perhaps if these purists were introduced on sentinel
kits or any other overly mechanized katoki creations,
they'd change their minds (or the macross kits for
plane model afficionados -- much as i hate the macross
kits, they're still ace quality compared to non-anime
model kits :P).


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