Dr. Core (core@pojo.com)
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 23:44:19 +0100

Andrew Dynon wrote:
> I just discovered that www.shinigami.org has shut down. This was probably
> THE best Gundam Wing site on the web, and it truly a sad event. ...

Richie Ramos wrote:
>I am deeply saddened by the news of this. Kumiko was an old friend...before
>I even joined the GML, when I was still in the original GWML (I understand
>there are now at least four offshoots, sheesh). ...

I am also saddened and angered by this. But a questions to everyone in
general and Kumiko in particular:

Is MinkChat worth sweating over?

How many members does it have? Does it have a lot of bigshot members
(such as people working in the industry, major webmasters, famous fan fic

I agree with Andrew that Shinigami is one of the best Wing sites (definitely
most original), but I've never heard of MinkChat until reading your Last
Words. It seems to me that MinkChat is just a minor also-run amongst
hundreds of Wing-related chatrooms, mailing lists, egroups, IRC channels
and whoknowhats. If you had not joined MinkChat before and have
discovered that MinkChat is run by a bunch of petty amateurs, well why get
so upset over getting kicked out?

I could be wrong, but from reading your "Last Words" it seems that the
bastards hadn't won at all until you defeated yourself. Get up on your
feet and carry on your way! I am convinced that Shinigami has and will
outdraw and outlast MinkChat. If I and Newtype Asylum can help in any
way, all you have to do is but ask.

To be honest, I am a little jealous of you, I keep (secretly) hoping that
someone will plagiarize Newtype Asylum. But it seems nothing (except
for one little background image) on NA is good enough to be plagiarized.

I really hope that you will reverse your decision to close Shinigami, it's
a disservice to many Wing fans and above all it's a disservice to yourself.

PS: someone please forward this email vebatim to the admin(s) on
MinkChat, I am too tired/lazy to figure out their emails. If somehow this
infuriates the Gods at MinkChat, who cares?

Dr. Core
Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
Newtype Asylum

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