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I am deeply saddened by the news of this. Kumiko was an old friend...before
I even joined the GML, when I was still in the original GWML (I understand
there are now at least four offshoots, sheesh).

Yes, it does underline the fact that fandoms will always have such things
happening -- case in point my model pics being plagiarized by some kid in I also know that altered copies of both my existing GW fics
are floating in the net. how sad.

I guess this is the wake up call, eh? let's not get into all that nonsense
and keep ourselves...non-chaotic?

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> I just discovered that has shut down. This was probably
> THE best Gundam Wing site on the web, and it truly a sad event. Kumiko's
> reasons for shutting down her site highlight a major problem within Gundam
> fandom: Intolerance and pettiness.
> What happened to Kumiko was on a different ML, and I haven't seen anything
> here that sunk to that level (although I don't have time to read every
> post), but I have seen a fair amount of bigotry on this ML as well,
> particularly by UC fans directed at Gundam Wing and its fans. I'm the
> first to admit that Wing is not perfect, but some of the Wing-bashing I
> have seen makes me ashamed to admit to liking UC Gundam (and some of the
> Wing fans feel obliged to bash UC back). There are other issues which
> there has been similarly bad behaviour over, but this is the major one.
> Please, all this is capable of doing is inflaming opinions and driving
> people away from fandom. It's doing nobody any good (except trolls
> to start flame wars), so can we please end this silliness?
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