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I just discovered that has shut down. This was probably
THE best Gundam Wing site on the web, and it truly a sad event. Kumiko's
reasons for shutting down her site highlight a major problem within Gundam
fandom: Intolerance and pettiness.

What happened to Kumiko was on a different ML, and I haven't seen anything
here that sunk to that level (although I don't have time to read every
post), but I have seen a fair amount of bigotry on this ML as well,
particularly by UC fans directed at Gundam Wing and its fans. I'm the
first to admit that Wing is not perfect, but some of the Wing-bashing I
have seen makes me ashamed to admit to liking UC Gundam (and some of the
Wing fans feel obliged to bash UC back). There are other issues which
there has been similarly bad behaviour over, but this is the major one.

Please, all this is capable of doing is inflaming opinions and driving
people away from fandom. It's doing nobody any good (except trolls looking
to start flame wars), so can we please end this silliness?
Andrew Dynon

Watt-Evans' Law of Literary Creation: There is no idea so stupid or
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Feist's Corollary: There is no idea so brilliant or original that a
sufficiently-untalented writer can't screw it up.

Morrison's Corollary: There is no idea that a sufficiently-talented writer
has made into a good story that can't become annoying in the sequels.

Holliday's Corollary: There is no plot so stunningly original that a
journalist can't make it sound hackneyed.

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