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I have been a reader of FSM for about ten years+/- now. The people within
the IPMS circle reacts to sci-fi differently. A lot of them still have the
narrow view that "Giant Robots" belongs on Saturday morning cartoons.
A guy I know who is a great military model builder used to not think very
highly of the Gundam stuff I build, until I showed him a couple of my old
Hobby Japans and he saw the Zakus. He has now built a few and did really
nice weathering jobs on them.
I personally would like to see FSM publish another mag focusing on sci--fi
modeling and aim their audience at the younger crow. But that may not be at
their best interest.
See what happens.

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> I can understand if the naysayers are thinking Wing kits or other not too
> hard to assemble ones but IMHO these guys should try assembling and super
> detailing a Perfect Grade kit and see ust how much serious modeling giant
> robot kits are.
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> Subject: [gundam] Gundam debate in FSM magazine
> >I've noticed there's a war boiling in the letters to >the editor at
> >FINE SCALE MODELER. Some people want the magazine to >start running
> >articles on giant robot model kits, (Gundam, anyone?) >while others
> >are steadfastly against it. The naysayers say Giant >robots will taint
> >the integrity of the magazine, and that Scale >modeling is about
> >replicating objects that are (or have been) real in >miniature form.
> >Maybe these people have forgotten that this same >magazine has run
> >many articles on Star Trek, and Star Wars models >previously. Admitted
> >it would be a big jump from super detailing F-18E >landing gear bays
> >to Wing Gundam but hey, someone should take these new >modellers under
> >their wing. The vote is said to be running 50/50.
> >This just goes to show how territorial and resistant >to change human
> >beings are. Even outside the Wing vs. U.C. debate ^_^
> >-James
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