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Fri, 23 Feb 2001 06:24:15 +0800

> >I like MG's, but the experience of glue kits are necessary if >one is
> >to to grow as a builder. You have to know how it worked at >that stage
> >time. I still do glue kits every now and then, if only to >remind me
> >not all things are meant to be easy...
> Ahh glue and paint, ahh there's certain air to using those, like now
> working on my... hmm no kit here! Oops, better check in to rehab.
> -Franz "I think I'm high on glue and paint" Co

Well, there is a reason why you're supposed to assemble kits in a
well-ventilated area, LOL!

For a lot of my modifications, I've had to glue 'em together, so I have no
problem with that sort of thinking.

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