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This is actually a pic of the incredible 1/48 GP03 by a HK Garage kit
company call New Generation. Note the paint job on this kit... he calls it
digital camouflage... pretty cool.
The kit is an original and if I remember correctly, the sculptor's name is
Elvis Lee.
He has also done a GP02A and GP04 in the same scale. He is currently
working on a GP01 and a 1/35 Ex-S Gundam!!!
I have gotten some stuff and prices from them.
One of there specialties is to convert, and at time, improve on existing
kits, like added details and correct proportions. The have a pretty
impressive store front too.
Can any of the HK GMLers take some pics of there store for us?
Here is a copy of their ad in the latest Model Kit World: (big file)

Frank, where did you find these pics?

Gus "looking at the clock and it says 5:30am" Jae

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> Hmmm,thanks to GeoCities being case sensitive enetring the URL in caps
> you another pic.
> the link
> gives you a picture of what may be the model itself (hopefully this is it
> since it has no continuity busting core fighter).
> while the same link this time not in caps
> gives you article with the line-art that's been passed around this list..
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