Richie Ramos (
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 18:30:04 +0800

> >Anyway, my point is, especially with Bendi, where the parts fit are
> >mediocre and sometimes with non-existent panel lines, it gives me a
> >challenge than let's say, an MG kit.
> Heh, you're the minority here. I only know 1 guy around here who has the
> same attitude you do, and basically avoid MG kits because it "does all the
> work for you already". Asking MG-spoiled snappers to build a pre-90s kit
> is probably cruel and unusual punishment, hehehe.

I like MG's, but the experience of glue kits are necessary if one is going
to to grow as a builder. You have to know how it worked at that stage in
time. I still do glue kits every now and then, if only to remind me that
not all things are meant to be easy...

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