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 Werid, for the first link, I get a Geocities file not found type of error,
but when I clicked it a second time, it worked. The second link I have no
problems. It looks too good for a production kit, maybe the first pic is a
scratch build and the second is line art for the scratch build? That could
explian the Core Fighter in this version of the GP03. Although, I am sure
the "actual" MS could be remodeled to allow it to have a Core Fighter, say
since the Orchis was a one of kind of a kind thing, maybe they adapted it
for normal, Orchisless operations? If this is a prototype of the MG, then
it's most likely a MSV style thing, as the Titans where formed just after
0083 and the Titans exist in Zeta and at the end of 0083, the GP records
where erased, so it would be pretty pointless to further refine the GP03, as
since the records where erased, it no longer exists. Since the Titans exist
in Zeta, if the GP03 was refined to include a Core Fighter, I am sure it
would show up in Zeta, but by the Zeta era, it would be almost ancient
compared the Zeta Gundam, MK. II, Hyaku Shiki, etc.

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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> Hmmm,thanks to GeoCities being case sensitive enetring the URL in caps
> you another pic.
> the link
> gives you a picture of what may be the model itself (hopefully this is it
> since it has no continuity busting core fighter).
> while the same link this time not in caps
> gives you article with the line-art that's been passed around this list..
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