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Gundam EZEight wrote:
> how much energy can you get out of one atomic
> collision? 18 something MeV right? if the MS has to
> have massive amounts of energy, then it would also
> have to throw together more atoms right? how can a few
> litters of fuel last so long?
> --- -Z- <z@gundam.com> wrote:
how many atoms had to annihalate to destroy Hiroshima or Nagasaki
(that's how neuclear reactions, fission or fusion, generate energy, by
destroying atoms and leavingsub-atomic particles and energy)? for all
the size of the first crude Atom bombs the ammount of fssionable
material was relatively small, and it's assumed that even by todays
standards sustained nuclear reactions are more efficeint than that.. a
little goes a long way


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