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> Bahahahah!
> Mirai: We get signal.
> Bright: Main screen turn on.
> Char: Hello Gentlemen!!!
> Char: All your White Base are belong to us!
> Char: ..... (maniacal laughter is beneath Char.)
> Char: You have no chance to survive launch the white mobile suit.

LOL! ::dies laughing::

> And to everyone who answered my Brain mail, thankyou. Hotmail has been a
> pain for me the past few days and I wasn't able to check. I'm glad to know
> I'm not the champion of bad taste, except where Gundam X is concerned. =P
> Yes, the soundtrack rocked, it must say something that I owned both of them
> (or is there more?) before I saw a single frame of the show. And I just
> want
> to mention I hated the opera-esque tracks until I saw them in show context.
> Anyways, back to plowing through backlog. Really, 200 messages... *shakes
> head* =)
> - dom


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