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At 03:42 02/23/2001 +0800, Richard Ramos wrote:
>He said that the variant would have something like a new back area or
>like that. My only worry from a technical point of view is what's on
>everybody's mind, the stability of the kit.

        Actually, that's probably not on everybody's mind, but that's beside
the point. =)

        Stability-wise, it should be okay. From what I remember from that
scan, the Core Fighter doesn't plug directly in.. more like hang off the
back of the MS.

        IIRC, one major problems with any Core Fighter MS kit is that
there's no support between the upper and the lower torso other than the Core
Fighter (aside -- does the GM suffer from this too?). In this case, since
the Core Fighter is more like hanging off the back, you can build the two
halves of the torso together for added strength, and leave a hole for the
Core Fighter to plug into.

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