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Liam McGintny wrote:

> Well.. a quick browse of the mechadomain listing for the stamen revealed
> this :
> docking binder backpack for docking with RX-78GP03 Gundam "Dendrobium Orchis
> Sooo.. that sounds like there's room for one /or/ the other .. in normal
> situations, it'd have the new 'backback/core fighter', and when operating
> with the Orchis, it'd have the special binder backpack ..

Interesting idea. I suppose if you wanted a justification for the unit...
Has it been stated what happened to the MS portion of the GP03? As I recall,
while the MA unit was reduced to melted slag, the MS itself was in fairly good
shape due to the protection it received from the MA. The Federation probably
wouldn't want to pay to rebuild the MA, due to both expense and the fact that
they wanted to sweep the whole affair under the rug. But I also doubt they
would entirely overlook the fact that they had a high performance MS, that was
still in good shape, with a docking binder. You could theorize that the unit
with the Core Fighter is the GP03 after the MA is destroyed. Some bright young
officer got the idea of testing some new theories and ideas of core fighter
docking, but due to the unpopularity of the unit following the Delaz Fleet
colony drop, the data was ignored until many decades later, when MSs finally
appeared using a similar system (while I haven't seen the relevant suits myself,
I believe someone did mention that some later MSs appeared using a similar core
fighter set-up).


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