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At 21:50 02/25/2001 +0800, Winn Sevilla wrote:
>what i don't get over all this is that... why on earth did they have to build a
>variation of this unit to have a core fighter? it doesn't make sense. it's
>perfect the way it is.

        Shrug. Who knows? Wild Ass Theory (WAT (tm)) follows:

        One thing to note here -- we only see one completed GP03, as a
Strategic Space Control MS (or some such crap). For all we know, GP03 didn't
start out that way, and was purely an "interceptor" MS, for which a core
fighter might kind of make sense.

        So maybe somewhere along the development cycle some bright spark
thought to convert the GP03 from an interceptor role to something more grand
sounding; the fact that the GP04 project, which was a similar role, got axed
was a good indication that the potential market for interceptors was drying
up, and maybe someone wanted to save the GP03 project.

        So the GP03 undergoes a radical change in role and gets notably
upgraded -- when you are talking about a Strategic Space Control MS, money
apparently falls from the sky. The old core fighter module gets upgraded to
a non-core block linear seat, the GP03 gets a big mother of a MA-sized
support pack, and the old plans for a core-fighter GP03 got quietly retired.

        Another WAT(tm) is that the core fighter version of the GP03 is a
more limited production model of the GP03S. After all, if all they produce
was a Strategic MS, then it wasn't too useful (and won't sell as many
units). Maybe the core fighter unit is just a "market decision" on AE's part.

        Gah. I need to go to bed. =)

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