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(I'm sending this message unicode. Sorry if anyone's web e-mail browser
can't read it. I'm still trying to figure out the microsoft JAIME).

On the right page, next to the two drawings of unit three, the heading says:


GP03, niwa 2 version gaako (and then it's cut off)

not sure about that, it could be "Kaai" but the scan is kind of hard to read
at that angle. I can't tell from the scan for sure and the end of the
sentence is cut off, but I think it's saying there's two versions. I think.
Like I've said, my japanese is kinda rusty.

On the left page, next to the core fighter picture it says:

コア フアイター か

There's one symbol after that but I can't tell what it is, it just says
GP03Sni (perhaps it is the core fighter that belongs to the knights who say
"NI"?), core fighter in katakana, and then "ka-" something. maybe it's one o
them "Version. Kai." retoolings that we see occasionally, like the RXF-91会
or whatever the symbol is from SF91?

Just a few thoughts. It's hard to tell from just two pages of the manual,
but I'm defintely leaning towards the possibility that the kit is a srt of
secondary version of the gundam.

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok

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