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what i don't get over all this is that... why on earth did they have to build a
of this unit to have a core fighter? it doesn't make sense. it's perfect the way
it is.

is it because they're afraid that people would demand for it's MA size
jeeeeez, it's a bigger challenge for them...

Leslie_R wrote:

> Franz G Co wrote:
> >
> > Interesting, from what I get it does seem like a variation, Th drawing of
> > the MS with the Core Fighter isn't what is seen in the OVA and there's a
> > drawing of the the OVA GP03S beside it clearly showing the difference. From
> > this picture it sems that there's a variant of the GP03 that has a core
> > fighter but no linear seat.
> >
> exactly my theory, perhaps as a stand-alone Mobile suit.. as far as i
> can tell it's not untill Zeta or later that Core Fighters are proven to
> be pretty much superfluous systems even on elite mobile weapons and
> could be considered a legitimate escape technology for a stand-alone
> unit, while the Stamen intended for docking with the Orchis would better
> benifit from the Linier seat to make up for in field of vision what it
> lacks in maneuverability, since it can't just swing around and look at
> what's following it just so

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